My Weightloss Progress in Numbers

Monday, August 9, 2010

A few months down the track and updates...

Okay, much has happened in the last few months...

I was away in Turkey on a business+holiday trip. Just got back a couple weeks ago.

As for my band... I am still happy with it... It's been 6 months, and I just wish I had the means and opportunity to have it done earlier as I know that I would have been even lighter now. But nevermind, at least I have it now! :)

I had previously heard from other bandsters that they experienced many problems when they travelled, and some had told me that they feared blockage, so they just got some fill removed before their travels. However, I also noticed those people gain back many unwanted kilograms during their travel.. So instead I wanted to go to my fill doc as frequently as 2 times every 3 weeks in order to observe very well how my body reacts to any fill that I get.

I chose to get 0.2 ml fill on my last fill before travelling, and was happy all throughout my trip. I couldn't eat much, felt the restriction, regurgitated a few times when I didn't chew well or ate too fast. That was about it. No fuss, no complaints. I enjoyed eating a little of everything. The only down side to all this was, my husband would order a separate meal, and he would finish off my leftovers. So he gained around 5-6 kg. However, he loses fast, so now he weighs less than what he did before going there.

Although I ate little and walked heaps during my trip, I didn't lose as much as I expected. I lost around 3.5 kg during my 6 week trip, which is still good. However, I lost another 3-4 kg in the 2 weeks that I've been back. So that's a bonus!

I was very upset taking off from Melbourne-Australia, as I thought with the weight I had already lost, I would not need an extension belt during the flight. BUT I DID! So embarrassing. :( HOWEVER, I didn't need one on the way back. So woohoo to that! :)

I have been getting compliments from many people as they have started to notice the changes in my body. I can see my body starting to tone up, change shape... I may not be losing as many kgs, but something is still happenning... My body is changing... I can fit into many things I couldn't get my arm through only a few months ago! It's a wonderful feeling, and I just can't wait to drop down to 100 kg! I wonder if I can do it by New Years? 15 weeks? Hmm I don't think so... Maybe 10-12 kg more by then seems more possible? But I will be happy with that too. :)

And here are some photos...

This photo was taken during our first week in Istanbul... What you see behind me is the historical Maiden Tower. Weight was approximately 129 kg

Taken again in Istanbul, only a day before the top photo. So same weight :) This here is a minature of the Sumela Monastery that is actually located in Trabzon in the Black Sea Region. This is only one of the many miniatures that can be found at Miniaturk which is an open-air musem in Istanbul where the miniatures of all monuments/touristic attractions in Turkey are on display. The detail is just amazing. It is also wonderful for those who are unable to travel all around Turkey to see the the actual places.

This was also taken at Miniaturk. My husband and I had a go at 'looking' like Ottoman Sultans. :) I edited the photo to make it look a little ancient. The original colours were too bright and looked as fake as it actually is haha

Towards the end of our trip, with a birds eyeview of Bursa (another city significant to the history of Turkey), this is when I started to notice some more changes in my body... and also my husband's belly! :) But my arms... arghh... They never seem to get slimmer (I know they are from the clothes I try, but they look awful damn it!)...

And the following are my latest photos... Apologies for the bad photo quality thanks to iphone's not so fantastic cam! These are the most up-to-date photos I have as they were just taken last Friday on the 6th of August, 2010. So you be the judge, can you see anymore changes? I can, but what about you? :)

Yup, that's a side-ish shot... Weight @ 122 kg

A-huh! T'is a front-ish shot LOL Weight @ 122 kg

And yeppers, last but not least... a 'profilish' shot; upfront and personal :) Weight @ 122 kg