My Weightloss Progress in Numbers

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Progess Photos - March 2010

Okay we are now in Apil, but I haven't been able to upload the photo during March - they were taken in March, so it don't matter! :))

The photos were taken during a girls getaway at Daylesford, so they are not the "standard" progress photos, but they will do I guess. :) So let's get cookin'! :)

Well, this one is a cheeky shot that hides most things unpleasant lol

At approximately 129.4 kg in all these photos. So that's a little over 13 kg lost post op, and lost forever I hope! :)

I'm a poser even at this weight, I have no idea what will become of me when I lose all the weight :) I know it's a little hard to tell with the long cardi, but I'm starting to get a waist. I haven't had that in years! :)

And a close-up! Even though I have now lost a little over 13 kg post op, almost everybody is noticing the loss. 13kg loss doesn't look much on a person who was over 140 kg to start with, but it sure makes a difference. My face has slimmed down the most as you can see in the above photo. My legs are most obviously slimmer and my arms compared to everywhere else on my body. I can wait for future pogress to take place woohooo! :))


Yvonne said...

You look really happy in the photos - I love the last one especially

13kgs is a lot of weight to lose no matter where you start from so you should be so proud of yourself :-)

Hijabi Lapster said...

yes Yvonne, great laughs and fun times with good friends, some pampering, beautiful weather... I was definitely happy :)

thank you so much :) I do feel good about my weightloss, and am very proud :)