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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Progress Photos - 19 Months Later and 60kgs Lighter

So here are the progress photos I have promised from last night. They aren't the best, but meh, they give an indication of the loss and change. :)

Let's begin with my regular progress photos. The same ones I put up on every progress photo post :)


My biggest at around 149.8kg back in September 2008. This photo was my relization... of how big I really was/am.

A couple months before surgery... around 148kg in November 2009

4 weeks after surgery

The AFTERs - The NOWs:

Chopped off my head cos my mouth was open LOL. I normally always wear a full body corset, but none in these photos. So you can see my apron tummy...

Not too bad from the back I guess... Those are size 14 trousers. :)

Yep, gravity takes its toll... The fat has all plopped down.. or has sunk down. You can actually see a bit of my arm flab here too, but it does not look as bad as it really is. My biggest problem area: my batwings. :(

I look at these photos and still see a very large person. I did mention in my previous post how I need psychological help... Even though I see the differences between the before and after photos, I need to convince myself that there is HUGE difference. A part of me sees the differences and is really very happy, another part of me is still happy but does not see enough of a difference and is a little heart broken at the same time. I just need to work on my emotions...


Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

OMG!!!! I can see a huge difference! You look amazing!

Bec said...

You look wonderful!

Sarah G said...

You have made amazing progress!! Congratulations! Keep up the great work!

Hijabi Lapster said...

Vickie, thank you so much :)

Bec, thanks, don't we all look so much better after losing some :)))

Sarah G, thank you. You are quite an inspiration yourself!