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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The best of compliments...

I personally believe that the best of compliments for a woman are those that come from her partner.

Having said that, I should also mention that my husband is a bit of a cow. If I wanted to be a little more polite, Id' say he was blunt, but nope... he's a cow. Look, he's an awesome fella, I love him to bits, but that just doesn't change the fact.... that he's a cow. :)

Yes, it's true, not everybody who saw me noticed the weightloss until I reached the 30kg loss mark. However, I still had many many people who knew me compliment and note that I have been losing the weight. But this just wasn't enough.

So when I saw hubby I'd tell him about the compliments I received and he would just make no comment at all. Since he is so quiet and everything about it, I would go into my wardrobe of old clothing which I previously couldn't fit into and try them on. Anything that fits, I would jump out in front of him and say "ta daaaaa! look honey, I haven't been able to fit into this for like 5-6 years." (Yes, I guess I've always had hope that I may one day fit into those old clothes that I kept them for so long).

So after my performance my husband sort of feels obliged to make a comment, so he's like "oh... good.. good..."

Of course me being quite pissed right now, as I have been fishing for a compliment for about an hour, I ask, "Can't you notice any change? Can't you see the weight loss? I've lost almost 30kg and you are still not commenting? Encouraging? Are all those people who see the change lying to me? Why don't you ever say anything?"

My husband, the COW blurts out: "Well, TECHNICALLY you are still overweight."

ARGHHH. For a man who has been so supportive with my surgery, my eating etc, this was just inacceptable. Was it unacceptable or inacceptable? Oops! Well, you know what I mean. :)

Before going any further I should note that my husband definitely loves some meat on his woman. He has never ever hurt me due to my weight, and I was huge when he wanted to marry me (and I rejected him like 100 times). He's more the personality type of guy, as long as his woman has a good heart, looks are not important. So there are no problems in that area, but despite all the compliments I receive(d) from everybody else, it was his kind words that I needed to hear.

I guess this meant that I had to wait until I was closer to looking more of a standard size...

Now that I am 60 plus kgs lighter than I started 19 months ago... Now that I am a size 14, while I used to be a size 26 bursting the seams when I started... My husband turned around and said: "You are looking so hot! I find myself thinking about you all the time."

I have been receiving compliments left and right. But this compliment... My husband's words beat any other compliment that I ever received. I finally feel beautiful... :)

Probably our only 'romantic' looking photo... an old but sweet shot :)

This photo was taken during our trip to Turkey mid last year (2010). I was 18-20kg lighter post-op. So I weighed approximately 128kg. I sort of look slimmer, because by now I have learnt to pose in a way that hides a few of my 'extra' kgs. :)

Hmmm... But still! He is a bit of a cow, yeah?  :)))



Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Ha ha, I love that you call him a cow! You are much nicer than me however. If my husband did that, I would call him a jack ass! Anyway, I do understand about getting the all important compliment from your spouse. My heart swells when my husband says I'm hot! So happy for you! BTW, it's "unacceptable"

Sarah G said...

So glad he's finally seeing the light! Compliments from ones spouse are some of the best, aren't they? After a while they can become a little old. I had to tell mine not to introduce me like this, "This is my wife, Sarah. Isn't she hot?" Awkward!