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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Achievements: Trains, Plains, and Belts...

I love travelling. I especially love flying...

However, being a large... hmm extra large... okay okay, being a 6XL person all of my adult life (I was like an XL-2XL during my childhood and teens) has not made this passion easy on me.

Every time I hop on the plane, that dreaded moment comes when the 'fasten seat belts' pops up. Ding dong! Then the hostess comes to check if everyone has their belts on... So as soon as he/she comes to me (they know it aint gonna fit me), they sort of look with suspicion in their eyes, but I blurt out "belt extension please" before they can say anything.

Most of the time the people sitting next to me lift an eyebrow... because I'm guessing they've never seen this before? Hmmm... Amazes me, because the world population is growing fast (in weight), so they must have come across it... Then I think, I'm always travelling to and through countries like Turkey, China, Malaysia, Singapore, where the majority of the population consists of mini people.

Anyways, back to the point!
It was just a couple months ago. I was flying up to Sydney to see my hubby. Now I know domestic flight seats are ALWAYS tinier than the tiny inetrnational flights. Don't even get me started on the belt size! :/
So I walk down the isle to my seat. I put up my luggage then pop into my seat...

I don't notice it at first, but I feel comfortable. Hmm... That's strange!

For the first time in my life, I notice room on both sides of my thighs in a flight seat! The armrest is (yes! for the first time!) not lifted by my thigh. I could never fit properly, so my thigh would always push the armrest up.

Normally I would sit a little sideways so my huge tuckshop arms do not give any discomfort to the person sitting next to me. However this time I'm sitting straight and my shoulders are well within my own seat. No overflow into the next seats!

By now I have a HUGE smile across my face. So much so that the guy sitting next to me was like 'wtf?' Must have thought I was looney. Ahhhh if only he knew...

Then that dreaded ding dong bell was heard to fasten seat belts. Hmmm... Yes!!!!! It clicked with no extension required... for the first time in my entire adult life! And you know what? I had to tighten it like 15-20cm. I even have proof (see attached photo).

Oh yes, after that I definitely had to try the meal tray which is never flat as it sort of lays on a slope on my tummy... Obviously that too was fine.. I had room between my thighs and the meal tray, room between my tummy and the meal tray (even when I pulled it all the way out).

I snapped a quick shot of my belt, I don't know if the guy next to me noticed, but I couldn't care less. How could I not document such a memorable moment?

The entire flight (which was only like an hour and a half) I was on cloud nine. I can't wait to hop on the plane again now.

Actually, this time I have to go on rides (e.g. show, luna park, etc) and bungee jumping!


Bec said...

Huge NSV hun, well done. It is wonderful isn't it. You are doing great.

Sarah G said...

Congratulations! That is a wonderful NSV!!